Ngutu College has

Aboriginal Cultures

as its soul

Ngutu College has

young people

as its heart

Ngutu College has


as its backbone

Ngutu College has

Aboriginal cultures as its soul

Ngutu College has

young people as its heart

Ngutu College has

the Arts as its spine

Ngutu College is an independent, not-for-profit, socially-just college on Kaurna Country in Woodville North, South Australia.

Learning opportunities acknowledge and engage the individuality of all children and young people in an experiential environment in which Aboriginal knowledges are seamlessly integrated with the formal curriculum.

Indoor learning environments ngutu college

Our College

From 2023 we offer Kindergarten to Year 9, progressing year by year towards levels K-12 by 2026.

At its peak, Ngutu College will have a maximum of 350 enrolments to ensure we remain a small supportive community where each child and young person is nurtured through their own learning journey to achieve success through positive academic, vocational and community outcomes.

Outdoor learning

Child-focussed Learning

The vision of Ngutu College is reflected in the creation of a rich range of learning opportunities. We value learning in all its forms, wherever it may happen, however it may be expressed and with whomever it takes place. Learners’ needs are at the heart of how we work.

Diversity and engagement are always considerations, for the wide range of interests, challenges, strengths and experiences that are brought to the College.

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The growth of Ngutu's success is closely related to the growth of our broader community.

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