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About Us

Ngutu College has a commitment to empower others and model hope by supporting educational change for all children, including those beyond its walls.

It will be an incubator space for redesigning the concept of schooling and its leaders have significant success in achieving this.


The College is working with Academics from The University of South Australia and Flinders University to document its journey and its practices to enable the
sharing of knowledge and experience.



To redesign schooling to be genuinely equitable, culturally informed and authentically child-centred.


Ngutu College will be a model for the seamless integration of Aboriginal knowledges and formal curriculum in experiential learning environments. Ngutu College will be a socially-just, non-denominational, independent redesign of schooling. It will provide a holistic, child-centred and experiential educational environment. Learning programs will acknowledge and engage the individuality of all children. A diversity of opportunities for K-12 children and young people will create options and strengthened pathways for achieving academic, vocational and community outcomes. Ngutu College will achieve this in collaboration with Kaurna Elders and community leaders.



EMPOWERMENT - enabling all of our children, young people, families and staff to have a voice; to express this in multiple 'languages'; to have this voice informed, of the heart, head, hands and soul; to have this voice contribute thoughtfully, creatively and critically to decisions, actions and ideas that affect them; to have this voice enabled to access the resources and relationships they need to follow their own successful pathways.

HOPE - enabling our children and young people to dream, to aspire, to build on strengths and successes; to plan a life journey and have the strength of identity, skills and dispositions to successfully live it and adapt it as they go.

DUALITY - enabling our children and young people to walk two worlds to understand their place in Dreaming and in a western society for our Aboriginal children and young people and for others to understand their place in their own cultural heritages and in our multicultural society.

SUSTAINABILITY - enabling our children and young people to actively contribute to socially, environmentally and economically sustainable systems through development of their knowledge, cultural understanding, belief and skills.

CREATIVITY - enabling children and young people to actively engage in place, in The Arts and in inquiry to develop their brains holistically; to imagine, to hypothesise, to problem solve, to intuit and think laterally as well as analytically.

Ngutu Site

Our Site

Site development will occur in stages, with Stage 1 underway.

Our site is located in Woodville North, South Australia. In buildings that were previously owned by the CSIRO, it is very fitting that the site is again a place of research.


With great buildings to work with, we are making modifications to ensure the site is ideal for supporting the learning of Ngutu children and young people. Site development will occur in stages that have been designed in partnership with Matthews Architects and built by Badge Constructions. The first stage will see us operational in time for our intended first day on February 1st 2020. The second stage will be complete by the end of Term 2. 

The physical site for the college will support our philosophy of teaching incredibly well. It will house Artists in Residence and have matching studios for our children. We have capacity to house Allied Health Services and to have on-site support for specific individual learning needs.

The Ngutu space has a ready-made café and adjacent space to convert to kitchen garden and will enable us to set up an integrated Kindergarten/Reception space with its own outdoor learning space, possibly sooner than we had thought.

View the location of Ngutu College below.

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