Ngutu College prides itself on its positive and collaborative relationships with its families. This starts with Playgroup, where families stay for the duration of the group and work with the facilitator to socialise their babies and toddlers and to experience the playful environments available to them.

All Welcome!

Ngutu Playgroup is open to all children and families even if the child isn’t intending to attend the College. We do, however, have one of our Kindy Educators facilitating the group in our Kindy environment. The benefit of this is that if a child is going to attend the Kindy, they are already familiar with the space, with the pedagogy and with one of the staff. Where possible, children attending Playgroup will go on to be in the Kindy group with our facilitator.

Playgroup is not only a great place for your children to learn to socialise and play, it is also a great place for families to meet with, share with, support others and be supported by others who have children of similar ages. Many long lasting friendships begin at Playgroup, for children and their carers. Playgroup is open to all children who are pre-Kindy age and to carers of any age.

For more information please contact the Ngutu office on 08 7082 0410.