We operate a transport service to assist some families to get their children and young people to and from the College, to enable accessible learning and positive academic outcomes.

Accessible Learning

At Ngutu, we operate an 11-seat van, 23-seat bus and 13-seat bus with wheelchair access if required. Where the need extends beyond our fleet capacity, we work to provide additional seats through hiring an additional bus or buses. Pick-up starts as early as 7:15am for our first passenger and as late as 8:30am for our last. Drop-off starts as early as 3:20pm (or 2:35 on Wednesdays) and as late as 4:40pm. 

Our buses all have a support person to assist the children and driver and ensure clear communication with families. To have children travel with our transport team, families must download the RollCall app that enables staff to communicate quickly with families and enables families to monitor where their vehicle is at any point. Roll Call is also used to check children on and off the transport vehicles to absolutely ensure there is not a child at risk of being left on a vehicle. Seat belts are fitted and used on all of our vehicles and air-conditioning is also available on all vehicles. 

There is a nominal cost for the use of the transport service, but if a family needs the service and is experiencing financial difficulties, this cost can be negotiated.  

Car seats can be fitted for two buses if your child is in Kindy. However, Kindy children cannot access a hired vehicle or our van.

For more information please contact the Ngutu office on 08 7082 0410.