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Through the balance of theoretical and authentic practical learning, children and young people will understand ‘why’ and ‘how’, additional to just knowing ‘what’. 

Children and young people will be empowered with applied academic learning and a thirst for ongoing personal growth.


Literacy will be developed through proven practices that build the tools for complex communication whilst building a love for literature and a passion for authoring.

Numeracy will be developed as a science and as a powerful tool for communication, building a love for mathematics and appreciation for its practical applications.

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Learning at Ngutu

We believe meaningful and long-lasting learning happens when:

  • Education is holistic, bringing together the emotional, physical, social, cultural, spiritual, creative and cognitive selves in connected ways.

  • Every person is viewed as a learner, bringing competencies and rich prior experiences with them.

  • Learners are trusted and empowered to have agency in their learning.

  • Learners are valued for their unique strengths, passions and ways of learning.

  • Relevant and authentic contexts that are purposeful, connect learners.

  • Learners have strong learning identities.

  • Engaging and meaningful experiences are real-life, hands-on and playful.

  • Learners have opportunity to learn from and with others.

  • Learning is celebrated, shared, transferred and synthesised.

  • Learners are scaffolded, challenged and championed through supportive relationships.

  • Learning is documented, analysed and critically reflected on to inform the learning and life of Ngutu College.


Curriculum Framework

The Learning & Teaching Curriculum at Ngutu College supports learners to walk in two-worlds, reflecting the value of Duality.


The Curriculum is conceptualised as concentric circles with the LEARNER at its centre, at its heart. The symbol of a circle represents people and ideas coming together.


The learner is surrounded by, supported by, the VALUES of Ngutu College: Duality, Sustainability, Hope, Creativity and Empowerment.  These values do not act separately but integrate in flexible and creative ways to hold the learner close within supportive relationships.


The third circle holds the Australian Curriculum GENERAL CAPABILITIES. Each Capability acknowledges the duality of the child both possessing and developing knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions for learning. The content and the pedagogy of the Ngutu Curriculum enable learners to use and to develop these capabilities through active involvement in each area of learning. 


The outer circle contains the LEARNING AREAS of Mathematics, English, Project Work and Creative & Expressive Disciplines. These four areas form the framework for designing and planning the learning opportunities at Ngutu. They also enable learners to demonstrate the achievement standards of the Australian Curriculum:

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Creative & Expressive Disciplines: Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts, Health & Physical Education, Languages, Technologies

  • Project Work: Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, Technologies

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