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The vision of Ngutu College is reflected in the creation of learning opportunities. We value learning in all its forms, wherever it may happen, however it may be expressed and with whomever it takes place. Learners’ needs are at the heart of how we work.

Diversity and engagement are always considerations, for the wide range of interests, challenges, strengths and experiences that are brought to the College.

Supported by Elders and experts, we are working to learn about and through culture, building our collective understanding of Aboriginal Cultures.

Ngutu College discovery

Our Approach

Ngutu College works with learners from Kindergarten to Year 9.

We believe meaningful and long-lasting learning happens when learning is holistic, bringing together the emotional, physical, social, cultural, spiritual, creative and cognitive selves in connected ways.

Learners, regardless of their age, have different abilities, passions and struggles, and we work to cater to these as best as possible within a group learning context.

Outdoor learning

English and Mathematics

English focuses on developing effective communication skills and fostering a love for literature, writing and text production in all its forms. Our balanced approach engages all learners in practices that enhance their language abilities, empowering them to express themselves confidently and to find their voice.

We approach Mathematics as the science of patterns, rules and relationships. Our curriculum combines practical applications, critical thinking and the value of play and exploration. By actively engaging in hands-on activities, learners discover the relevance and practicality of Mathematics in our world. 

Ngutu College - Expressive and creative disciplines

Creative and Expressive Disciplines

We believe that every individual possesses a multitude of languages, encompassing visual, verbal, physical, and emotional dimensions, which provide authentic pathways for communication, exploration, and self-expression.

Project Work

Project Work

Project Work allows children and young people to inquire into the world through two lenses embedded across our college. It fosters meaningful investigations by applying these lenses to gain a deeper understanding. By actively questioning, noticing and collaborating, learners explore the world and its interconnectedness.

Learning Environments

We are passionate about the learning that takes place within our wardliarna (classrooms), but also highly value learning that extends beyond these spaces and into the environments and natural world that surrounds us.