Creative and Expressive Disciplines

Inspired by Loris Malaguzzi’s concept of “The Hundred Languages of Children,” creative and expressive disciplines lie at the heart of our educational approach at Ngutu College. We believe that every individual possesses a multitude of languages, encompassing visual, verbal, physical, and emotional dimensions, which provide authentic pathways for communication, exploration, and self-expression.

Fostering Self-Expression and Connection 

Through a wide range of expressive and imaginative endeavors, such as Arts, literature, languages and physical movement, individuals are encouraged to tap into their creativity, emotions, and personal experiences to express themselves in meaningful and unique ways. Engaging in these disciplines fosters self-discovery, critical thinking, and the ability to connect with others, empowering learners to embrace the transformative power of powerful communication.


Art is a universal language that enriches the human experience and serves as a creative form of communication at Ngutu College. It provides learners with opportunities to express themselves artistically and have their expressions valued by others, fostering strength and confidence to explore further artistic endeavors. The Arts are integrated throughout the curriculum and engaged with in specialist workshops that focus on Visual Arts, Music and Performing Arts. Arts education enhances learner’s self-awareness, identity, confidence, communication, cognition and working memory. It promotes collaboration, diversity appreciation, creativity, and imagination. Educators and Specialist Artists support learners in developing their artistic passions and skills, fostering a vibrant learning community and a positive social-emotional climate at the College.

Health & Physical Education

Health and Physical Education at Ngutu College is a vital component of the holistic development of learners. The discipline focuses on promoting physical well-being, cultivating healthy habits and developing an understanding of the body-mind connection. Through a variety of opportunities and exercises, learners express their personal power and emotions, engage in movement and nurture relationships. By encouraging regular physical activity and teaching essential health principles, Ngutu College aims to empower students to lead active, balanced, and healthy lives.


Languages learning at Ngutu College is dedicated to expanding learner’s expressive capabilities by fostering bilingualism. This emphasis on language acquisition not only enhances their overall development but also promotes an active understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity.

In addition to English literacy, the curriculum includes other expressive languages to further enrich students’ linguistic skills. Aboriginal Language, including Kaurna, is taught in alignment with the College’s values, emphasising the importance of cultural language in knowledge systems. Auslan is also incorporated into the program to support students with hearing issues and those who struggle with aural literacy. Dedicated specialists work with small groups throughout the day to provide tailored language instruction and support.