Ngutu College - Outdoor learning

English and Mathematics

English and Mathematics have a significant place within the curriculum, as vehicles for powerful communication and for the conceptual understandings about the world they offer.

In both these areas, we work with learners to build knowledge, skills and understandings, but also strong identities as: readers, speakers, listeners, media producers and mathematicians.

Practical Learning Experiences

For both English and Mathematics, we look at where and how a learner might best access the curriculum, rather than seeing the learning of these areas as only taking place at a set time of the week.

This broadly happens across three key learning dimensions: what is learned and practised as part of our daily routines, what is learnt through Project Work or in conjunction within another context and what is best learnt as part of a workshop that focuses specifically on this bit of the learning. This approach means that English and Mathematics are frequently practised in different and authentic contexts.


English and Mathematics Learning

Mathematics and English are essential learning areas that offer unique opportunities to develop key skills, knowledge and understandings. Our pedagogical approach emphasises embedding Mathematics and English learning into everyday routines and life at Ngutu College where possible. We also promote interdisciplinary connections that enable learners to make meaningful connections between these subjects and other learning. Additionally, workshops that focus specifically on English and Mathematics are planned to enhance specific concepts within these learning areas.

In Mathematics, we work to cultivate positive self concepts and a love for the area and its practical applications, recognising its significance in everyday life. Through investigation, representation, and interpretation of various situations, our goal is to develop confident and creative mathematicians. Learners explore the five Australian Curriculum strands of Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Data, and Number, leveraging their strengths while embracing challenges.

Similarly, our approach to English empowers learners to become confident and creative users of the language. We foster a love for English and its crucial role in learners’ lives. Through engaging opportunities, learners develop their understanding of the English language and of effective communication. They engage with diverse literary texts, fostering interpretation and appreciation of human experiences through language. The literacy strand focuses on developing learners’ ability to comprehend, create, and adapt texts across contexts, equipping them with essential skills for learning and participating in Australian life.

At Ngutu College, we celebrate the cultural strengths and experiences of our learners. For example, geometry and oracy are as valued as number and reading. This allows all learners to demonstrate their capacities in a diversity of ways.

Through our learning opportunities, we inspire learners to explore patterns, rules, language, literature, and literacy, enabling them to navigate their lives with competence and creativity.