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Our Approach

Ngutu College works with learners from Kindergarten to Year 9. We believe meaningful and long-lasting learning happens when learning brings together the emotional, physical, social, cultural, spiritual, creative and cognitive selves in connected ways.

Our Learning Approach

As learners progress through Ngutu College, our approaches adapt to developmental difference, however, our core philosophies remain the same.

Learners, regardless of their age, have different abilities, passions and struggles, and we work to cater to these as best as possible within a group learning context. We hope that learning is seen as playful, challenging, full of mistakes and enriching at whatever stage of schooling a child is engaged in.

Ngutu College Learning Wheel
Ngutu College Learning Wheel

Our Learners

Learning at Ngutu College is conceptualised as concentric circles with the learner at its centre, at its heart.

The symbol of a circle represents people and ideas coming together, reflecting the fact that the learning process and ideas do not exist in isolation.

It also places significant responsibility on the learner to be a part of constructing their learning journey, with support from family and educators.


The learner is surrounded by the values of Ngutu College: duality, sustainability, hope, creativity and empowerment. These values do not act separately but integrate in flexible and creative ways to hold the learner close within supportive relationships.

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General Capabilities

The third circle holds the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities. Each Capability acknowledges the duality of the child both possessing and developing knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions for learning. The content and the pedagogy of the Ngutu curriculum enable learners to use and to develop these capabilities through active involvement in each area of learning.

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Learning Areas

The outer circle contains the Learning Areas of Mathematics, English, Project Work and Creative & Expressive Disciplines. These four areas form the framework for designing and planning the learning opportunities at Ngutu. They also enable learners to demonstrate the achievement standards of the Australian Curriculum.


We believe long-lasting, meaningful learning (for children and adults) happens when:

        • It is acknowledged that every child is born a learner and brings competencies and rich experiences with them;
        • Schooling is concerned with the whole child, the interconnectedness of the emotional, physical, social, cultural, spiritual and cognitive ‘selves’;
        • There is trust in learners to have and use agency in their learning;
        • There is respect for learner’s unique learning pathways;
        • Learning happens everywhere, all the time. Learning is situated within relevant, authentic contexts and purposes;
        • Learners and educators have strong learner-identities and a belief they can;
        • Learning is experiential, hands-on and playful;
        • Learners have the opportunity to learn from and with others;
        • There is the opportunity to celebrate, share and synthesise learning;
        • Learners are nudged in their learning within their zone of proximal development, within a supportive relationship;
        • Learning is documented, reflected on and used to inform the life and learning of the community.