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Our Groups

From 2023, Ngutu College offers learning groups from Kindergarten to Year 9, progressing year by year towards levels K-12 by 2026. At its peak, Ngutu College will have a maximum of 350 enrolments to ensure we remain a small supportive community where each child and young person is nurtured through their own learning journey to achieve success through positive academic, vocational and community outcomes.

Madlurta (Kindergarten & Reception)

We have an integrated Kindergarten and Reception space, Madlurta. This integration means that one of the biggest transitions most children face, from kindergarten to school, is removed. As the children start ‘school’ they are in the same familiar and supportive space with the same educators and friends, they just attend full time rather than 15 hours per week.

Across Madlurta we maintain the same ratios of staff to children as required in the Kindergarten. The integrated space also removes the concern about school readiness as the environment nurtures each child at the level they are at, no matter their year level. We have room for up to 50 enrolments in Madlurta.

Madlutra (Baby ring-tail possum)

Kurlana (Years 1-3)

We have vertical grouping of Years 1, 2 and 3 together in their wardli (classroom). We believe in having children grouped in diverse ways, including by age, interest and experience. The progress of children is supported at their next ‘point of nudge’, which is through determining learning goals and building upon strengths. That is the next learning goals they have and building from strength to strength.

Having children in the same year level in the class is easy for teachers, but not useful to children, who are all different. We acknowledge this difference and ensure our educators are focussed on the individual’s journey, not their age. Our children do spend time in different groupings at times across the Year 1-3 cohort. Our groups have a maximum of 25 children and each group has at least an Educator and Co-educator. There is a Lead Educator for this collective.

Wardliarna – Paitya (Deadly Snake), Kadli (Dingo) and Kudlyu (Swan).

Warti (Years 4 – 6)

As for the Year 1-3s in Kurlana, we have vertical groupings of Years 4-6, for all of the same benefits for children. The point of development is based on the individual rather than the year level whilst educators are still well aware of where we would want a child to be in their development depending on age.

Each class will be separate at times and work collectively as Warti at times.  There is a Lead Educator for this collective.

Wardliarna – Kalta (Lizard), Kuya (Fish) and Kurraka (Magpie).

Karra (Years 7-9)

We have a 7/8 and an 8/9 group in 2023. Whilst these are their home groups, still with Educator and Co-educator, the staff work collectively with Karra to provide a high school curriculum. This is facilitated in a unique way that provides rich opportunities for the diversity of interests.

Wardliarna – Kardi (Emu) and Ngungana (Kookaburra).

Year 10-12

Ngutu College is adding one year at a time to our senior campus. In 2024 this will mean that Year 10 begins up to 2026 when the College has its first group of Year 12s. The website will be updated as these year levels come on board.