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Our People

Strong governance, financial oversight, and education experience is provided by a highly experienced Board. A highly experienced group of educators who share the vision and the belief in the capabilities of children and young people are members of the staff team.

Our Staff

Our Staff


Andrew Plastow - Head of College

Andrew is a highly experienced and visionary school leader. He is passionate about creating opportunities for children to express themselves in diverse ways and to pursue their passions. Andrew is committed to working with families to build a strong College culture, which brings our values to life.


Amber - Educator Reception - Year 7

Amber has demonstrated excellence as an early years educator, with a high level of commitment to each child's individuality. Her work across all year levels at the College brings a consistency of practise and connection between Groups. Amber diligently documents children's learning and reflects with children to determine the direction of group inquiries.


Angela - Educator Reception - Year 2

Angela has worked across schooling sectors, building and sharing her expert knowledge of children’s literacy development. She brings wisdom and empathy to her support of children’s learning journeys. Angela ensures the College maintains a clear image of the child and learner agency within it’s pedagogical approach.


Bjorn - Coeducator Year 5 - Year 7 & Bus Run

Bjorn has experience working with restoring and repairing beautiful things. He has advanced skills and craftmanship, which he enjoys sharing with children. Bjorn is dedicated to helping children to discover their passions, and fosters this learning both indoors and in outdoor spaces.


Cassia - Year 5 - Year 7

Cassia has diverse experiences teaching and leading in English and the Arts, and was recognised in the South Australian Educators - World Teachers Day 2020 Awards - for her curriculum leadership in Mathematics. She adeptly connects knowledge and skills across learning areas, to provide truly holistic learning experiences. Cassia’s drive and energy is infectious, inspiring others to achieve their absolute best.

 Chris - Coeducator Year 3- Year 7


Debbie - Lead Teacher & Year 1 - Year 3

Debbie works alongside children and colleagues in a highly supportive way, and repeatedly has shown an ability to bring the best out in groups and individuals. Her drive and enthusiasm come from a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of education and the importance of promoting diversity. Debbie is a champion for ensuring the voices of children are heard and considered in the design of learning and Ngutu College’s daily life.

 Fran - Coeducator Reception - Year 7


Heidi - Coeducator Year 1 - Year 3

Heidi has worked with many early years’ children, with a reputation for patience and kindness. She has a strong image of the child and capability to support individual’s needs. Heidi is incredibly caring and works hard to ensure successful learning journeys for each child. Heidi brings an eye for beautifully curated spaces at Ngutu College.


Julie - Educator Year 3 - Year 4

Julie is an incredible educator, whose work is consistently shared as an example of exemplary practise. She is passionate about developing children's literacy by building their confidence, being intentional in her practise and celebrating each success. Julie is dedicated to creating learning environments at Ngutu that allow children to flourish.


Katia - Administration

Katia forms strong relationships with families and is a trusted adult for many of our children. She believes that working to support children’s individual needs is crucial. Katia works hard to ensure that children, members of our community and visitors can always feel welcome at Ngutu College.


Miles - Coeducator Year 3 - Year 4 & PE

Miles has worked across educational sectors, and internationally, with a strong emphasis on mentoring children and young people. He brings boundless patience and demonstrates initiative in the way that he supports children. Miles is studying teaching and has a passion for sport, including PE and coaching. Miles helps to connect children to the College by fostering a sense of belonging.

Nikki - Finance Officer


Sean - Head of Junior Campus

Sean is an exceptional educational leader who operates with wisdom, humanity and integrity. He develops strong connections with children and adults, by listening with compassion. Sean brings a calm, reflective, analytical nature to the team.

Our Board

Our Board

Catherine Baldwin GAICD (Chair) – Business and Governance Consultant; Managing Director of Red Sky (Canada’s Premier First Nations arts organisation) 2017; Executive Director of Bangarra 2010-14; Head of Perpetual Foundation 2007-08; National CEO of Committee for Economic Development for Australia 2006; CEO Actuaries Institute 1999-2006; Chair, Young People and the Arts Australia 2006-12; Chair of Transfield Foundation 2009-15; Chair of Adelaide Youth Orchestras 2015-present.


Andrew Plastow FGLF (Director and Head of College) - Formerly Principal of Alberton Primary School 2004-19: Achieved Excellent Rating from Australian Standards Board, Award-winning outdoor learning spaces; International recognition via OECD ‘Innovative Learning Project’; equitable outcomes for disadvantaged students; managed multi-million dollar infrastructure projects; presented interstate and internationally; research-informed practices, including significant Arts-focussed practices for holistic outcomes; amalgamated two schools to create the new Alberton PS.


Gerald Lipman (Director) - Business Consultant, Lipman Advisory; Formerly Chief Executive of International College of Hotel Management 1998-2020; Senior postings for the Royal Bank of Canada in Asia, 1992-97 including Head of South East Asia and Country Manager China; Senior postings for the Royal Bank of Canada in Europe, 1983-92, including Country Manager Germany. Expert member Council for International Education, Canberra 2016-2019. Board member for Study Adelaide 2009-2019. Initial Chair of SA Youth Entrepreneur Scheme (“SAYES”) 1998-2004. Board member EUHOFA (International Hotel School Association) 2005- 2019. Board member, Association of Asia-Pacific Hotel Schools, 2001-2020. Member Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand.

Dana Shen (Director) - DS Consultancy; Principal Social Services, Systems & Aboriginal Policy, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation 2013-17; held senior positions in the SA public sector in health and child protection; formerly Deputy Chair of Lighthouse Disability 2014-17; Director Carclew Youth Arts Board 2015-17; Board member for the Charitable and Social Welfare Fund 2015-16.


Dr Mary Sutherland OAM (Director) – Private Anaesthetic practice, Stace and Partners 1985-2012; Visiting Medical Officer Royal Adelaide Hospital 1985-1990; Consultant Anaesthetist, London 1983-84; Chair Foundation SA Museum 2014-; Vice Chairman of St Andrew’s Hospital 2009-; Board of Governors St Andrew’s hospital 2002-; Finance Committee Royal Adelaide Golf Club 2016-19; Chair of Board of Governors St Peter’s College 2005-2011; Board of Governors St Peter’s College 1998-2011; Foundation Board St Peter’s College 1994-2014;
Foundation Board Walford School 1992-1998; SA Section Australian Society Anaesthetists Committee member and Vice Chair 1985-1995.

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