Kurlana mural dingo

The Story of our Kurlana Mural

In 2022 we were offered a generous donation by Tracey and Michael Whiting, to support the creation of major works of art in our college. It was decided the first artwork to be created would be a mural, the ideal backdrop for our Kurlana shared Year 1 – 3 outdoor play space. The project involved our children in a real-life context, working with an artist from concept to reveal.

Collaborative conceptualisation

Representatives from Paitya and Kadli brought ideas to share with artist and children’s book illustrator Sally Heinrich, to begin the process of creating the mural. The children had strong thoughts about what they wanted depicted in the mural and were particular on all the wardliarna animals to be included. They also talked about rainbows, frogs, patterns, kudlyu (black swan), hearts, the Aboriginal flag, Ngutu logo, and the Kaurna Seasonal Calendar. Other than loving colour, they had reasons for each inclusion and talked to Sally about it being a representation of Ngutu College.

Sally painted the most beautiful mural ever with us. We started and it just took us away to the world of art.

Ownership and pride

In the painting stage children from across the college worked side by side with Sally, artist in residence, adding their patterns to the mural that was centred by a grounded tree and reflected an ochre and green earth space and a blue water space. Children were trusted to make decisions and were engaged and focused while painting their patterns on the many animal shapes. The children added patterns, swirls, dots and lines and Sally brought it all together by adding black outlines.

At first the wall was plain and it was a bit ugly, and now it’s very beautiful because all the class animals are on the wall, the Kaurna Calendar too and it represents our school. We all helped.

With a sense of ownership and pride we took the opportunity to celebrate the opening of our gorgeous mural. This celebration was made extra special as our Elder in Residence, Uncle Moogy, conducted a smoking ceremony and Kurlana children made wattle seed damper cooked on coals to share with our guests. We are so grateful to our artist in residence, Sally Heinrich and generous supporters Tracey and Michael Whiting. When viewing the mural, it is impossible not to feel the connection to Ngutu and our children will always know which patterns were theirs.

Kurlana mural
Kurlana mural dingo
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