Thinking as a Geologist

Thinking as a Geologist

The world is not a rectangle…

‘The World is not a Rectangle’ was our College-wide project work lens, and each group developed their understanding of scientific concepts differently within this provocation. The Paityarna, year 1, 2 and 3s, had their interest in rocks and geology sparked. The enthusiasm to know more in this area blossomed and took on a life of its own, with children sharing their noticings and learnings with one another.

Dr Kathryn Amos, a very talented geologist and parent of a child at Ngutu, shared her expertise and passion in this area with the group. They visited the stunning Sugar Loaf at Hallett Cove Conservation Park to undertake some field work and during a visit to the South Australian Museum were inspired to curate their own rock display.

I was really inspired by that rock. Seriously that rock is awesome!
Dio, 8 years old

This project work is one example of the powerful learning that comes from listening to children’s questions, which have been big, varied and led to deeper understandings. With Kathryn’s guidance, we were able to uncover mysteries and histories of the land around us. ‘Isn’t it amazing that earth can give us all these colours and shapes?’ Dr Kathryn Amos talking to our Paitya children.

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